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Essential Things You Need To Know About Workplace Accident Claim

Being entangled in an accident at work can be distressing and complicated, especially if you have sustained an injury.

Companies have the responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe and employees are given the necessary knowledge and facilities to work. However, it is not always the case, many workplace accidents occur due to employer’s or co-worker’s oversight.

If you have been caught up in an accident at work with evidence that you are not guilty, you are able to file workplace accident claim. Following the right procedure will guarantee that you have the most beneficial chance to demand the compensation you deserve.

When should I notify an accident at work?

It is necessary to report a workplace accident as soon as possible. Report the accident to your manager or the next person in command if your manager occupied. Be sure to follow the accident reporting procedure set by your company thoroughly.

If a severe accident has occurred, the company is legally bound to report the accident to the relevant authorities (depending on the specific circumstances & time).

Workplace Accident Claim

The company is required by law to keep an accident report book that is filled up accurately with the necessary details, including any spectators. Each report should be verified by the person in charge. If the company does not own an accident report book, it should be reported to the manager in writing and a copy of it should be kept.

If you were alone at work when the accident occurred, ensure that your colleagues are notified of the event. This is crucial if a need for a workplace accident claims arises. Often, companies & insurers would want to contradict the accident’s occurrence.

If you seek medical attention

Ensure that the hospital staff or the GP accurately records the details of your injury in your medical reports if you require medical attention. Keep a copy of your medical records or the doctor’s notes.

Accumulating evidencePhotos/Videos would be vital if a workplace accident claim needs to be made, due to the damages from the accident at work. It is also a good defence against fraudulent accusations from your company.

Workplace Accident Claim

What if I have not filed my accident in the accident book? Even if you did not file your accident in the accident report book, you are still able to make your case. A report from your doctor or colleagues who were aware of the accident can help you verify your claim.

Keep a report of all your symptoms.If you have sustained 1 or more injury, keep an up to date record of your symptoms along the way as doctors and nurses may not be aware.

A minor injury at the time of the accident can turn into a long term, debilitating condition over time & it is often overlooked. In this case, a medical specialist will find it challenging to write a report about the damages done due to the accident at work.

Workplace accident claims can take up to years to resolve, especially if accidents are complicated & injuries are long lasting. Keeping an up to date record of your symptoms will help describe the impact of the accident at work.

Keep a report of your expenses and losses.Recovering all losses; salaries, bonuses or even a raise should be a priority. It is possible to claim even the anticipated losses. In addition, you are also able to claim small items – sick leave, parking at hospitals or clinics & compensation for household members and friends who have contributed to helping you. Therefore, it is essential to keep a record of all expenses & keep all receipts for your appointed injury solicitor to support your claim.

How can I initiate a claim?If the workplace accident was not your mistake, you ought to look for a good lawyer whose expertise is in workplace accident claim as soon as possible. Your attorney will collectively gather all the information & evidence to claim against the responsible party.

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