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When Can You Fight Your Case On Your Own Instead Of Hiring A Lawyer For Personal Injury?

There are a wide variety of situations and types of accidents that can fall under a personal injury claim. You can be in a car accident which was not your mistake, you can have fallen over the water spilled in front of someone else’s house or have been scratched by someone else’s cat, and all these will be a personal injury where you can make a personal injury claim. However, the level and severity of your injury will determine the chances of your claim being processed.

In certain situations, you might be able to get the claim processed by yourself while in other situations, you should probably seek the wisdom and the assistance of a qualified professional. Will you be able to handle it by yourself or will you need to hire a lawyer for personal injury will depend on your situation, how severe the accident was, how bad your injuries are and the legal elements related to your case.

Situations Where You Can Manage Your Case On Your Own

In all honesty, attempting to handle any case, no matter how simple it may seem, runs a risk of complicating the claim process so it is important for you to understand what is at stake and what can happen if you don’t handle your case properly. If you are even a little unsure about handling the case by yourself, you should consider hiring a lawyer for personal injury immediately because even a little self-doubt or hesitation can ruin your case.

If you still want to try and handle your case on your own, here are some of the situations where you can handle your case by yourself and still win:

You Fall Under No-fault State

A no-fault insurance claim also called personal injury protection (PIP claim), is where you make with your own automobile the insurer for payment of medical bills, lost earnings, or any certain other out-of-pocket damages after a car accident. One main key component of the no-fault scheme is that you will not be permitted to get compensation for pain and suffering as part of your claim.

Lawyer For Personal Injury

You are only allowed to step outside the no-fault rules and file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault if your medical bills reach a certain level, or if your injury is deemed serious, under your state’s threshold. Since you are going to get recovered for damages from your own personal injury protection coverage in a no-fault claim, hiring a lawyer for personal injury claim for minor injuries does not make much sense here.

However, if your injuries are serious enough that they qualify you to step outside of the no-fault system, then hiring a lawyer for personal injury claim is a good idea.

You Were In A Car Accident Which Caused Very Minor Or No Injuries

The most common cases included in a personal injury claim are auto accident cases. You might get rear-ended by another driver who was driving at a very slow speed that caused very minor damage to you and your car. Here, you along with anyone else in the car who was with you might need to visit the doctors only once or twice or might not even need to go to the doctors. Filing a claim with your insurance company or that of the other driver will be enough to cover the cost of your treatment and any damages to your car. If you are satisfied with the coverage you received from the insurance claim, you do not need to hire a lawyer for personal injury or seek any other legal repercussions.

You Are Confident That You Can Effectively Negotiate With The Other Party Yourself

You don’t need to seek legal advice or hire a lawyer for personal injury if you think that you can effectively negotiate with the insurance agent by yourself and come to an agreement peacefully. If you think that you can reach the settlement that you desire with your own skills and without the help of an attorney then you do not need to hire a lawyer.

Lawyer For Personal Injury
Injured man and his wife meet with a personal injury lawyer.

If there is a case where you are taking the other party to the Small Claim’s Court, you have the option of representing yourself if you are confident in your skills, the evidence that you have gathered, and your knowledge of the legal proceedings.

If You Are Already Familiar With The Law And Settlement Process’

If you are someone who has studied in a similar field or has a similar career such as a policeman or any other post where you come across law proceedings such as these frequently and so also feel comfortable taking up your case yourself then you can fight your case your own case instead of hiring a lawyer for personal injury.

However, if you are someone who just has a fascination in the field of law but no experience then it is not a good idea to fight your own case. The real proceedings are going to be very different from what you read about in books or watch on TV shows and if you try to fight your case by yourself without any experience or legal help then you run a big risk of losing your claim.

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