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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Affects Personal Injury Claims

The coronavirus pandemic has hindered day-to-day life in Singapore, months after quarantine first began in most states & the impact of the lockdown is wide. Here are a few points of how Covid-19 pandemic has affected personal injury claims if you are considering filing a claim during these times.

Risen Financial Pressure

The coronavirus pandemic has affected enterprises of all sizes, and unemployment charges are historically great. Everyone is sensing the pressure on their finances – and insurance companies recognize it.

You will feel urged to take the first settlement an insurance company proposes to you because any sum of money is crucial in these times. Many insurance companies are anticipated to lob lowball contract offers. For example, if your claims are worth of $100,000 in damages, do not be surprised if your insurance company would only payout $10,000 to settle the claim quickly.

Stay calm, take your time with your case, and team up with a committed personal injury law firm. Your lawyer can assess any settlement offers that appears, help you understand if the insurance company is seeking payout much lower than your expectations.

Exclusive use of necessary Medical Care

Hospitals and clinics have grown into hotspots for coronavirus spreading as sick patients that requires extra medical attention have weak immunity to viruses. To lessen your chances of getting in contact with the virus, stay away from medical centres unless it is urgent.

Voluntary treatments should be suspended as long as it is safe to do so. Communicate with your medical provider regarding aftercare at home. Avoiding a hospital visitation can potentially protect you from the virus and help keep facilities clear & save medical equipment for people who need it more.

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Nationwide Court Strike

Many court systems have closed their gates at the start of the pandemic. Depending on where you reside, you might only be able to communicate with the court remotely. Even if your regional courthouses have opened up physically, they might be working with a huge backlog of incoming claims & lawsuits.

Lawsuits or claims might be prolonged due to the pandemic. Thus, it is necessary to persevere & work with a personal injury law firm who can stay on top of things while ensuring that your case is going smoothly. It is especially crucial that all the paperwork is done properly so the case will not be dragged unnecessarily.

Personal injury cases often have circumstances where a victim experiences physical or emotional injury due to someone else’s carelessness. Some general types of personal injury claims involve car mishaps, slip and fall occurrences (premises liability), stray bites, walker accidents, bike accidents, home abuse or negligence, or even commodity liability claims. If you are a suffering due to someone else’s negligence, you have the lawful right to pursue settlement and fairness.

As the global pandemic affects nearly all our civilization, personal injury claims have been affected as well. If you are suffering a personal injury and are contemplating filing a claim, or have a personal injury claim with the court, your lawsuit will likely be affected. As our government attempts to manage and cope with handling the pandemic, the judicial system and courts within Singapore are also striving to adapt to this new routine, while guaranteeing the security of the constitutional rights of its people.

Coronavirus and Registering Personal Injury Claims

If you are considering registering a personal injury claim, you still have every legitimate right to do so. In fact, most law firms have swiftly adjusted their process to introduce telephone calls and video conferencing with their clients. It would benefit your case to consult a lawyer to know your legal rights and your benefits concerning your personal injury claims.

While many courts are suspended except for crisis hearings, some courts will start to have more problems as the limitations regarding shelter-in-place are raised. In this tough period, there is constantly the possibility of an unusual spike in COVID-19 cases, the state may execute the decision to re-issue the shelter-in-place system.

During this unpredictable period, it is best to be certain of the availability of the court. before attending. Communicate with your attorney or visit the website of the court. While the court may be closed to the public, they may still be managing substantial amount of cases remotely or through teleconferencing. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified personal injury law firm if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence. Your juridical rights still stands despite the global pandemic.

Solicit Medical Evaluation and Therapy

If you have sustained physical or emotional injuries due to someone else’s carelessness, you need a medical evaluation, analysis and treatment to register a personal injury claim. The coronavirus pandemic can make medical treatments complicated. Many clinics are closed or only working through telemedicine. In many cases, some clinics are flooded with appointments, making it hard to see a healthcare provider.

First, if you have severe injuries following an occurrence, seek immediate medical attention. Your well-being is paramount, and you must endeavor immediate medical evaluation and remedy if you suffered any severe harm. There may be reservations about visiting an emergency department especially during Covid-19, however, receiving medical evaluation & treatment for your injuries is necessary for a personal injury case. This way, it will help in receiving the compensation that you deserve. All healthcare providers are aware of the threat of the virus and are taking precautions concerning safety, health & security.

Insurance Assurance

Whether you sustained your injuries while on transit, or as a pedestrian, mishap in someone else’s property, many people seek coverage (either car or home insurance) to support them in paying for any losses due to their carelessness.

However, in this period of global financial crisis, several people have been incapable to pay their insurance rebates. This may have led to a failure in coverage, which a victim may choose chase after the individual assets of the other party.

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Unfortunately in many cases, if a person does not have the economic means to fund their insurance rebate, they may also not have the resources to fund for medical bills, missed wages, suffering allied with a victims claim. In these circumstances, a victim should be ready to attend to their own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy for relief. This method might be more complicated if a victim is harmed on the premises of a company or on personal property.

Coronavirus and Prevailing Personal Injury Cases

If you have a personal injury claim filed to receive reimbursement for your medical bills, missed wages or discomfort and distress, but was not completed due to Covid-19, all records, paperwork, interrogatories can be arranged online or mailed to the relevant authorities.

Be certain to visit your lawyer regarding your uncompleted personal injury claims or communicate with the court to decide on your next step.While the government may not be as active or quick during this period, you still have the lawful right to seek justice as a victim of someone else’s carelessness.

Resolving Personal Injury Claims

Many personal injury cases end outside the court. This would be beneficial for those people who have personal injury cases during this pandemic. Most of the documentation, meetings, and negotiations can be concluded through email or videoconferencing. Though insurers understand that victims need monetary relief due to the global pandemic, they may use this to their advantage to propose low compensation amounts to the victim. Take time to consider and access the amount before you take a reimbursement offer from an insurance firm to make sure it is a reasonable & fair compensation. Personal injury claims are summoned at any time, and it is always a safe idea to seek legal advice to secure your rights.

The Coronavirus could be influencing your case in many ways, including:

  • Heightened pressure to settle your lawsuit
  • Court setbacks
  • Possible delayed or unavailable medical treatment for injuries
  • Delayed or non-payment of insurance premiums
  • Lack of income or work
  • Remote communications with your lawyer

As seen in the points above, insurance companies have taken notes of the financial downturn. They are using this to be much more competitive in personal injury lawsuits. That is why you will need a trustable personal injury law firm that will strive to fight for your claims as they are able to demand the sum that you deserve from insurance companies. Always consult a personal injury attorney before conversing with insurance companies.

You have to be alert of court delays, decreased hours, and procedural modifications that may be in affected during these unprecedented times. Our personal injury law firms get the latest updates on the restrictions & strives hard in settling your lawsuit as soon as possible.

What Should You Do Following an Injury Throughout a Stay-at-Home Order?

Most people have reservations about going to hospitals throughout this pandemic and it is justifiable. However, after an occurrence, medical attention is still essential to secure a complete rejuvenation, both materially and financially.

A doctor’s theory could be the distinguishing factor between a secondary injury or a recurring condition & it could strengthen your personal injury case.

Slowed Trials and Hearings

Many nations are delaying jury trials to stop spreading of the virus. However, some local legal districts may determine how to manage non-jury hearings, trials, and other court presentations & some regions are even managing cases virtually.

Based on your court district, your attorney will advise for a physical court session or a virtual court session. A personal injury attorney will stay up to date on the latest news and support you to claim the settlement you deserve.

One of the top 10 personal injury lawyers in Singapore, Lee Shergill LLP has the expertise & can help you access the situation and the possibility of winning your lawsuit.

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