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“Legal practice is a calling. A client’s trust is a privilege.”

The firm’s motto has always been to make every claimant count and to champion the cause of the lay person against large and sometimes intimidating companies and organisations. Our clients are our best marketing resources and the firm continues to take on deserving cases, frequently deferring legal costs to the end when the bulk of such costs are recovered from the Defendants and their insurers.

We believe in building relationships and when we are entrusted with a client’s case, we do not take it lightly. 

Our solicitors take the time to meet each client personally as many times as required, usually beginning with a free initial consultation where the prospects, process and likely outcome are explained in detail. Clients are regularly updated so they are confident and assured in the handling of their case and better understand the process. That way, both client and solicitor can work hand in hand to ensure the best possible outcome.

Best Accident Lawyer In Singapore
Accident Lawyer In Singapore

Raj Singh Shergill


Raj Singh Shergill has been in practice since 2001. He cut his teeth at insurance firm Messrs B. Rao & K.S. Rajah where he soon developed a reputation as a tenacious litigator, advising both local and regional insurance clients and having conduct of trials and hearings on a regular basis.

He continued to hone his craft in the areas of insurance and personal injury law when he moved to the insurance department of Messrs Rajah & Tann LLP, regularly advising insurance companies on policy coverage and recovery in one of the largest full-service law firms in Singapore.

However, Raj had a burning passion for the everyday man on the street and felt that more could be done to make quality legal expertise available and affordable to them. Lee Shergill LLP was birthed to keep this vision alive. Till today, Raj continues to be personally involved in each case, and is known to be generous with his time when meeting and advising clients.

With his in-depth specialised knowledge and litigation expertise, Raj has successfully handled over thousands of cases, earning him a reputation as a specialist in his area of work.

Mr Raj Singh Shergill was a former Advisor to the Singapore Motor Workshops Association (SMWA) and currently sits on the Law Society’s Property Damage and Personal Injury Committee and regularly serves in various sub-committees formed to tackle industry and legal issues confronting lawyers and stakeholders in this area of practice.

Michelle Yap


Michelle started her legal career at one of Singapore’s largest law firm, Allen & Gledhill, where she was involved in the conduct of several complex civil cases before the High Court. She later joined the Singapore Public Service, and served as a District Judge presiding over criminal trials, a State Counsel of the Attorney-General’s Chambers, and an Assistant Commissioner in the Personal Data Protection Commission. 

As a former judge and legal adviser to the Government, Michelle brings unique insights to the cases she handles.  

Michelle graduated from the University of Liverpool with a First Class Honours in 2008, and was a recipient of several academic prizes, including the Weightsman Prize for being the top student in the Law of Tort. 

Upon graduation, Michelle served as a Justices’ Law Clerk to the Chief Justice and the Judges of the Supreme Court.

A stubborn idealist, Michelle believes that the law should assist the weak and disadvantaged, and that it is a lawyer’s privilege to promote justice and make justice accessible to all people. 



Called to the bar in 2016, Gurmesh is an associate in the firm with a passion for litigation and a belief in fighting for what is fair and just.

He believes in fighting for the ‘man on the street’ and that legal representation should be accessible to all. He has amassed considerable litigation experience in personal injury matters, including motor accidents, workplace injuries as well as occupier’s and product liability.

He has also taken on general litigation matters involving commercial entities.

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Accident Lawyer In Singapore
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